Maggie Walroth Signs to Bellarmine

Maggie Walroth Signs to Bellarmine

By Ally Kampel

Without a doubt, Senior, Maggie Walroth, has had an exceptional Seton tennis season and career.  This season, Walroth placed in sectionals which allowed her to move on to districts playing in several, single matches.  In her first match at districts, Walroth dominated the court in what she called, “one of the best matches of my career.” Walworth put into practice all the skills she learned both in season and off season, to win the match.  The next match came as a challenge to Walroth because her opponent was a very skilled player. Unfortunately, Walroth lost the game and her opponent moved on the semi-finals of the State competition. Walroth was not discouraged, she was very happy with the matches she played and, as always, left it all on the court. Walroth states, “Seeing my coaches and family watching was incredible knowing I’m nearing the end to my high school tennis career.”

Walroth has learned many valuable lessons throughout her tennis career. She has learned independence since tennis is mostly an individual sport.  She shares, “For the last 7 years, I have scheduled every practice and training session with my coaches and trainer.” However, Walroth also feels a sense of community from playing tennis.  As she traveled for tournaments, she met many new people and feels very much a part of a tennis community.

Walroth also has big plans for her future tennis career. On October 20, Maggie Walroth verbally committed to Bellarmine University. Walworth plans to sign with Bellarmine University on November 12.

walroth 2 walroth 3 walroth

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