Open House

Open House

Emily Geigle

On October 23, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls from many grade schools in the community attended Seton’s Open House. The future Saints arrived around 5:30. They were given tours of their possible future high school and able to interact with the teaching and athletic staff. They got to explore all the facets of Seton, including music, art, English, etc…

Every room welcomed the future Saints to see. Each academic department was located in a specific room that contained the department’s subject area teachers to talk with the grade school girls and their parents. Seton students were located in their departments as well to show the future saints all of the academic departments doing different things. Art students worked on their current art projects, and last year’s spring play was demonstrated outside of the auditorium along with music students in their chorus attire. The students had opportunities to explore Seton’s quality technological advances that have been developed since the laptops were first introduced. What a great advantage to have access to all of your school work at the touch of a button! The future saints must have been impressed!

However, if this wasn’t convincing enough for them, the grade school girls were given refreshments such as those delicious Seton cookies we all love! The families of the future saints then strolled in the new gym to explore athletics they could soon join. Hopefully these girls will become a part of the Seton Sisterhood next year, joining in all of the great things Seton has to offer!

open house
Seton students work together in a math classroom during Open House.
open house 2
A group of Seton physics students work together on an experiment in the science classrooms.

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