Senior Student of the Week

Meet the Senior Student of the Week!

By Sydney Haussler

Attention Seton High School, if you have not met senior, Lois Breidenstein, you need to make arrangements to get to know her! Not only is she pro rapper, whose mixtape is dropping pretty soon, but she has a dog named Garth Brooks. Lois attended Our Lady of Lourdes grade school where she showed her Tiger pride. ssotwYou can usually find her roaming the halls of Seton with her fellow Seton sister, Alison Bailey. When she’s not at school or working on her latest rap song, Lois spends her time picking up boys with Anna Nadicksbernd at the Western Rollerama.

Lois’ favorite things include the song, “Anaconda,” by Nicki Minaj, which I’m guessing is her go-to dance jam. Her favorite store is Forever 21, and her favorite restaurant is Dewey’s Pizza. Now, this may become as a surprise to some of you, but her celebrity crush is the one and only Danny DeVito! I mean, who could resist that round head and big black glasses? Also, Lois’ favorite movie is Forrest Gump, which she probably watches with her other dog named Lady.

Unfortunately, Lois does not have a bae, but she is open to any takers, so if you know any boys have them contact her at 513-555-5555. At the moment, she does not have an idea for a senior prank, but I have no doubt she will be able to come up with a plan. After high school, Lois plans to attend Ohio University.

Here are a few “Coke or Pepsi” questions Lois answered:

1. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

2. Summer or winter? Summer

3. Coffee or tea? neither I am a hot chocolate girl

4. Baths or showers? showers

5. Shave November or no shave November? no shave November

6. Disney or Nickelodeon? 90’s Nick, Early 2000’s Disney

7. Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline

8. Chipotle or Taco Bell? Taco Bell….those cheesy nachos ‘nough said

9. Papa Johns or Larosa’s? Pizza Hut

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