Sophmore Student of the Week

Sophmore Student of the Week

Sydney Vinel

Sydney Vinel is our third Sophomore Student of the Week! She is a former Visi Viking and her special talent is watching 22 episodes of One Tree Hill in less than 2 days! Wow! Sydney has two pets; a dog and a hamster. Her dog’s name is Tucker and her hamster’s name is Teddy. She can be found at Seton in the classrooms or in the first floor hallway near the office. If you want to know what Sydney is up to on the weekends, she loves going to Elder football games on Fridays, hanging out with her friends on Saturdays, and spends “Sunday Fundays” doing homework. Her celeb crush is Chace Crawford and she loves listening to Luke Bryan’s hit, “Crash my Party”. Sydney’s favorite movie is Maze Runner and you will most likely see her eating eat Chipotle. Sydney’s store to shop at is Target (like most of us) and she does not have a bae. After Seton, she sees herself at a great college. She still hasn’t thought that far ahead, yet, though. During her Freshman year Sydney’s biggest regret is not going on a mission trip.

Here are Syndey’s responses to the famous “Coke or Pepsi” Questions:

1. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

2. Summer or winter? Summer

3. Coffee or tea? Ew Neither

4. Bathes or showers? Showers

5. Shave November or no shave November? No Shave November

6. Disney or Nickelodeon? Disney

7. Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline

8. Chipotle or Taco Bell? Chipotle

9. Papa Johns or Larosa’s? Larosa’s

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