Fall In Love with the Fall Contest Winners

Fall In Love with the Fall Contest Winners

By: Brooke Zentmeyer

Fall is here and the colorful season is flying by quickly as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. Along with fall’s arrival come the various club-hosted fall contests which offer Seton Students the opportunity to show off their creative abilities. The Art Club hosted their annual pumpkin-painting contest, but this year the artists of our school included a skull decorating portion of the competition. This year’s entries displayed a diverse array of artistic talent with everything from bright bejeweling to magnificent paintings decorating the pumpkins and skulls. The Art Club’s diplomatically devised system of voting took place in the cafeteria with Seton students voting for their favorite pumpkins with pennies during their lunch periods. The Latin Club made a nice showing with their annual entries of Greek-themed decorated pumpkins, but hooves down, the Trojan Horse pumpkin was my favorite. Pictured below are a couple of the entries:

It’s a Greek tragedy that this guy didn’t win.
Nina Wurzhelbacher’s spooky silhouette pumpkin is perfectly in the spirit of Halloween.

However, the winner of the pumpkin contest went with a more classic Halloween icon to inspire their orange champion. Gab Kraemer’s Charlie Brown Halloween inspired pumpkin took home 1st prize in the competition winning her a plastic jack-o-lantern full of goodies including a Graeter’s gift card. Go, Gab!

It’s the winning pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

There were many fabulous entries for the skull decorating contest as well, but the cranium that came out ahead (Get it? A head?) was Julie Selhorst! Julie also won a plastic jack-o-lantern-o-goodies for her skeletal creation.

As the chill of winter starts to make its way into the fine land of Ohio, people start seeking warmth anywhere they can find it. And what better way to get nice and toasty than to cuddle up by the fireside! Whether it be indoor by the fireplace or a blazing backyard bonfire, fire is humanity’s go-to source of heat. That is, of course, why the Photo Club chose to make the theme of their fall photo contest “Fire”. A whole host of Seton photographers entered their red-hot photos and burned up the poll on the Seton Connection’s website. It was only to be expected that the competition be heated with the photographers competing for the holy grail of prizes, a $15 gift card to Starbucks. 255 people voted for their favorite out of the 13 different entries, and the top 3 are as follows:

1st Place: Morgan Haas with Entry #10:


2nd Place: Jenny Kathman with Entry #13:


3rd Place: Alyssa Ramstetter with Entry #2:


Congratulations to all of the fall contest winners and may your creativity continue even with the brain freezes you’re sure to get as we head into winter!

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