Freshman Day of Reflection

Freshman Day of Reflection

By Ally Kampel

On October 31, the freshman class had a day of bonding during the freshman day of reflection.  The theme, “Classmates by Chance? Sisters by Choice!” perfectly represented the purpose of the day.  Planned by a select few from the junior class, the freshman class connected with each other by participating in a series of activities.  Beginning with numerous ice breakers played by the entire class, the freshmen then split into groups with about twenty to twenty-five girls where they listened and responded to reflections told by junior leaders on topics of family transitions, friendships, trust, their faith and relationship with God, and self-image and self-esteem. Freshman, Libby Mannix, states, “The junior leaders were really inspiring.  It’s nice to know that someone has been in the place you are.  They were easy to talk to and really seemed to care.  The stories they shared were really personal, but definitely impactful.”  Freshmen later wrote letters to themselves answering numerous questions about their lives that they will read on their senior day of reflection.  They then participated in a prayer activity where there were randomly match with another student who would be known as their prayer buddy for the next four years.  Prayer buddies are meant to support and pray for each other throughout their years at Seton.

According to Mrs. Linz, coordinator for the day, the freshman class overall really enjoyed the day.  Mannix shares, “The day of reflection gave me the chance to talk to some of the girls I didn’t know until then, and aren’t in any of my classes.  I feel more comfortable at Seton now because I not only know more freshmen, but also grew close to the junior leaders.”  The freshmen felt much closer to their classmates and were happy to connect with the junior class.  The upperclassmen are no longer scary to the new freshmen, and the freshmen were glad to adopt more big sisters.

IMG_1226 IMG_2624 small group freshhh3 IMG_2631 IMG_2624 IMG_2614

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