November Horoscopes

November Horoscopes

Isabella Jansen and Sydney Haussler



  • You are usually so on top of things, but this month everything seems to be coming at you all at once, and life appears a bit overwhelming right now. Don’t worry – just hang in there and everything will mellow out and be fine. This weekend blow off some steam, hang out with your friends and have fun. Most importantly stop being critical of yourself because you’ve got the confidence and the style so let everyone around you see it!


  • Lately, you have been feeling insecure about everything thing in your life right now; but it is when you feel secure that you are the happiest. This month, be confident in yourself and who you are. It looks very good on you and people will start to notice. You may just find a special someone or develop a great friendship this month if you are willing to put yourself out there. Most importantly have fun this month!


  • Be Aware, you may be the busiest you have ever been in the upcoming weeks. With so much going on in your daily life, you may forget to take some time to yourself. Remember: don’t be afraid to ask for help. During the upcoming weeks, you may also feel the need for a significant other. In times of stress, you struggle with balancing your social life and personal life, so having someone there for you might help you feel calm.


  • You will be feeling very creative in the upcoming weeks. With this creativity comes an increase in activity in various areas of your life. You may have been feeling very emotional lately and that will continue into the next coming weeks. This is a good time to work on your personal health and wellbeing, remembering that it’s okay to put yourself first. You will also be presented with the opportunity to get rid of any negativity in your life right now.


  • Home and family life are your central focus in these upcoming weeks. At this time, you are not worried about outside problems. You are more sensitive to what others think of you and you are seeking self-expression and freedom. If you are single, this may not be the best time to focus on a new relationship, but there is a chance of a random meeting with someone special.


  • In these upcoming weeks, you will have the best chance of finding love. Pluto will be nearing Mars, and this means love will have the power to transform you. It only takes one person, so if you are single, try to get out there this month. Also, you may be pushed into a position of leadership sometime soon. You are more likely to take pride in your accomplishments and ability to socialize.



  • You just love the idea of love, and you always have; so this month shouldn’t be any different. Use your imagination and show your creative side to someone special. There are going to be multiple opportunities for socializing with your friends and maybe a love interest. Be sure to delegate some time for your family – they love and miss you too. You might also want to consider some alone time at the end of the month, to reboot yourself after all the socializing.


  • You have been in a funk lately, and you find yourself questioning everything in your life. No worries trust yourself and don’t hesitate to seek help from the ones you love and trust. Once you figure things out, everything will start to shape up and your happiness and love life just may get a little boost if you’re lucky enough.


  • You may find yourself questioning everything in your life right now. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give yourself a little alone time to clear your mind. When you look deep inside of yourself, you are able to figure things out and create a clean slate. Start fresh and be open to new relationships, both romantic and platonic. Who knows with all your worries in the past prince charming might just come knocking at your door (or maybe your pet will be there to greet you with a special cuddle).


  • If something feels off with your booboo this month, don’t be afraid to ask him what is wrong. He could just be stressed out too so give yourself peace of mind and talk to him. This will clear up your time to allow you to get caught up on homework and hang out with friends and family.


  • This month is a very busy month for you. You will feel a lot of stress over an important project or activity, so remember to take some time for yourself this month. With Mars in your path, new adventures and relationships will be successful. New friends and associates will start to pour into your life, so be open to new conversations. Your luck may be at its highest in the upcoming week, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks.


  • Life has become boring and mundane for you lately, and you are looking for excitement. Make sure to stay caught up on your homework during the week, to allow yourself enough time for adventure on the weekends. Try new things with friends, families and a special someone. Change it up – go ice skating or to a new restaurant your life will be a party soon enough.


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