You Are Beautiful

Emily Klumb

On Wednesday, November 19, Seton High School’s very own StrongHer club orchestrated what English teacher Tom Kellerman said to be, “The best assembly Seton has ever had.”  As students gathered into the auditorium, senior student and StrongHer event coordinator, Caroline Klopp held a full body mirror and made her way around the audience. She asked students to write a one or two word description of how they viewed themselves. As Caroline made her way back to the stage, she revealed the mirror plastered with derogatory words and phrases.  Emotions ran high as every student self-reflected on their biggest insecurities.

Following the activity began a statistical overview of the size of an average woman. The era of Photoshop and other digital editing devices has distorted self-image for many women. Trying to attain the body of models and celebrities in the media is near impossible considering the women we see in the media are not true in shape or size. The StrongHer club directors each shared inspirational words with confidence and promoted empowerment. Next, all audience members were asked to write down a list of their flaws on a notecard. Seniors Haley Sponaugle and Sydney Haussler then collected these cards and proceeded to burn them outside. Symbolically, as the cards were burned, we were asked to allow the flaws we see in ourselves to diminish. A culmination of videos and songs helped to deliver StrongHer’s moving message.

To close, StrongHer introduced what would be Seton High School’s edition of the “Selfie Project.” The “Selfie Project”, powered by Dove, allows girls to share a picture of their real selves, in a safe environment, and truly be vulnerable. After being released from the auditorium, students saw pictures of themselves and all of their classmates hung on the walls of Seton.


Seton students united to uplift one another and share positive, encouraging thoughts on their peers’ pictures.  From “Great smile” to “Pretty Hair”, word by word, students began to identify with their positive characteristics and leave behind the negative.

“Very inspirational. I feel motivated to make others feel good about themselves.” –Freshman Renee Hofmeyer

“I feel inspired and learned that I am beautiful.” -Sophomore Abby Brinker

“It made me think of the positive things rather than the negative when I look into the mirror.” -Junior Sarah Sunderman

“It makes me feel happy and secure about myself.” -Senior Bia Luchiari


The objective of StrongHer’s assembly was to rid the false notions that teenage girls derive about themselves, and they made a monumental step towards doing just that.

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