Ignite the Sisterhood 2015

Ignite the Sisterhood 2015

Rachel Hale

A group working together to complete a jigsaw puzzle
A group working together to complete a jigsaw puzzle

On Friday January 21 the Seton Saints came together to celebrate one thing we all know very well: Sisterhood.

Ignite the Sisterhood was a special event organized by the students who attended the Anthony Munoz Leadership Conference last year. That morning, we listened to an amazing speaker, Nick Jackson. Nick Jackson is a motivational speaker, ordained minister, and the 2014 winner of the TedX- Cincinnati People’s Choice Awards. Nick wanted to make the point of making sure we all knew how amazing we truly are. He had us repeatedly scream, “I AM AMAZING.” It made everyone really think of our actions and how we treat other people. Although we many never know what other people’s hardships are in life, we should treat everyone like they are amazing and to live life like there is no tomorrow. We were able to learn about his hardships in life and how he overcame them. Nick also mentioned how lucky we are to have a great day planned and how so many schools in our area would love to have events like Ignite the Sisterhood. I think it really opened everyone’s eyes to how lucky we are and that we should appreciate this opportunity we are given.

After making Nick do the famous “Wigalo” we were ready to find our groups and begin the minuet-to-win it games. As Nick said, “I expect this to be very competitive. I expect to see blood.” The teams were made up of: two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen. We were able to meet people from different grades as well as bond with the people in our own grade. Allie Bihl, a junior, says, “I liked how the underclass were able to talk to upperclassman. I liked how we were able to play games and get to know a lot of new people who we didn’t know before.” There were fifteen games that each group rotated to with the objective to win all the games. For each game there were three winners, 1st place got 3 points, 2nd place got 2 points and 3rd place got 1 points.  The games ranged from: don’t let the balloon touch the ground to building a bridge of cards. When they games were finished we were lucky enough to have Chick-Fi-A catered lunch, and each team ate with one another. Everyone was able to bond even more with their group by talking and answering the “would you rather” questions left on the table.

Students trying to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth in one of the minuet-to-win it games
 We then proceeded to file into the gym to talk about what happened in the morning. Students were able to talk about what they liked and what they got out of the day. Many people said, “I wasn’t looking forward to being at school today, but I ended up having a really good time.” It made everyone really appreciate the day and how it brought everyone close together. Sammy Kingdom, a senior, says “I liked that we got to talk to and get to know people in different grade levels. It was a fun experience.” Next, we all divided back into our groups and went to our assigned classroom. We all went through the Bible and found a verse that summed up our day and chose one word from that verse and wrote them on a banner. Some of the words were: Unite Friendship, Love, Compassion, Blessed, and Strength.

I hope it is a day that students will carry on every year; I think this is an event that SHOULD be carried out through the years. The Seton Sisterhood was definitely made stronger by Ignite the Sisterhood.

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