Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week

McKenzie Custer

By Kaysee Faecher and Emma Acomb

Athletes are an important part of the Seton community because they inspire many people, such as younger girls. One person who comes to mind is Junior, McKenzie Custer. She is number eight on the varsity volleyball team. You can tell that McKenzie is passionate for her sport and puts forth much effort to play to the best of her ability. She likes playing volleyball because she is able to have a special bond with her team. Her favorite games to play in are those against our biggest rival – Mercy!

Every One has a “pump up” song to get them ready for the big game. McKenzie’s song is “Remember the Name”. Seton’s cheering section is made up of some of the players’ biggest supporters. McKenzie’s biggest supporters are her parents. A team is made up of your closest friends or of people you barely know. Being on the same team with the same people for three years can bring so many memories and McKenzie can’t seem to pick out just one memory. She has too many memories with her closest friends!

A few more interesting facts about McKenzie:

S.C: Favorite thing to do in your free time?

M.C: Hang out with friends.

S.C: Favorite Netflix show

M.C: One Tree Hill.

S.C: Favorite class(es)?

M.C: Math and anatomy.

S.C: Favorite school food?

M.C: Cookies

Quotes from her teammates:

“I think McKenzie is a great player, and an even better teammate. She is so fun to play with, and I love being on a team with her.”

  • Sabrina Wall Class of 2016

“On and off the court she works hard and is always enthusiastic during games and gets the team going. When I am on the floor with her she high fives everyone and gets everyone hyped! I love having her as a teammate because she is consistent as a hitter, but also as a friend, and she will always have my back.”

  • Gabbie Kayse Class of 2017

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