Future Outlook

Future Outlook

Maddie Brigger

By McKenzie Zimmer

Seton High School is an establishment that many young women select to achieve academic success. I had the opportunity to interview Maddie Brigger about her decision to choose Seton High School and how this decision has impacted her decisions for the future.

Maddie Brigger is currently a junior at Seton High School and attended Our Lady of Victory for grade school. Maddie chose Seton because “My friends were going there.  I liked the teachers and staff. I felt like I would be best academically there and that the teachers would help me if I ever needed anything.”

Choosing Seton can have an impact and make a big difference in your academic success because the school strives towards giving the students the best opportunities. Maddie mentioned, “Going to Seton has impacted myself in several ways. I strive to achieve academic success through studying hard and applying myself. I talk to my fellow classmates that I normally would not talk to.” Maddie spoke about her academic success through her friends and her hard work and commitment.

In addition, Seton offers many exciting opportunities for college experiences and college visits. Maddie has thought about her future and where she would like to go. Maddie says, “I would like to attend University of Cincinnati, or the University of Oregon.” She wants to become an ER nurse, or a professional in the medical field.

Maddie is excited for senior year and what it will bring. Maddie says, “I want to find a strong senior project, have fun and not to worry about school much.” She wants to have a very memorable final year of high school.

I am so glad I got the opportunity to interview Maddie Brigger about her decision to choose Seton and about her future Outlook.

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