Getting our Spirit Back


Getting our Spirit Back

By Madison McGinnis

Seton is known to be a very spirited school, but our spirit has declined a bit these past years. There have been many changes this year including our spirit levels. It began on our first day of school, when our administration greeted us with a green carpet and had donuts waiting. On the weekend of August 29th, a huge school bonding event took place: a day full of sports.

We were to arrive at Seton at 11:30 am representing the school by wearing all out green; green hair, green shoes, green shirts, everything was green. We all drove to the PAC to watch soccer play their hearts out for an end score of 0-0. Students cheered throughout the game to pump the girls up. Afterwards we ate at Price Hill Chili. Off to the next event–the volleyball game.

The next bonding event was the volleyball game–Seton vs Oak Hills. The players were welcomed by a huge tunnel while running onto the court. Throughout the game were cheers and huge letters that spelled out SETON! Volleyball won their games with the scores of 26-24 for the first game, second game: 27-25, and finally the third game: 25-18. This was a weekend of bonding and excitement. Peyton McCarthy, on the varsity volleyball team mentions “Having people at the games to cheer for our team has really helped get the teams spirit up and contributes to our wins so far this year.”  If we keep this up we will have out spirit back in no time!

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