New School, New Beginnings

New School, New Beginnings

By Emma Stock

To some of us, freshman year seems like a lifetime ago. To others, it’s only the beginning of a beloved high school experience. Newly earned freedom, managing less time for school work, while balancing a social life, a job, and sports are all part of the adjustment. Here are some tips to help you survive freshman year:

  • Time management is a skill that you will need for the rest of your life; practice it now because it will benefit you not only throughout high school, but for the future as well.
  • Get involved in everything and anything that interests you. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests and it looks great on college resumes!

The Big Little Sister picnic was held on August 14, 2015. It was a way to begin the school year in a fun, positive way! Daniella Lucas, a freshman from St. Antoninus, said that she felt the picnic was a great chance to get to get closer to her Seton sisters. She is the captain of the JVA soccer team. Daniella is involved in the following clubs: StrongHer, Saints for Life, and Seton Helping Saints. Daniella mentions, “I have already met a great group of people [at Seton].”

Freshman Caroline Klug claims, “The transition to a much bigger school has been the biggest difference so far”. She graduated from St. Al’s on the Ohio with nine other students. So it’s an understandable transition to come into Seton with a grade of over ten times that many classmates! Morgan Scherer, another freshman, was excited to be welcomed to the sisterhood of Seton stating, “I liked the high standard of education and the different clubs and ways to get involved in the Seton Community.” Camryn Gramke, a freshman from St. Theresa, knew Seton was the school for her. She implies, “I felt the most comfortable at Seton and it had most of what I was looking for in high school.”

This school year is off to a great start! With all the exciting new changes this year, and noticeably increased school spirit, Seton is definitely ‘home sweet home’ for the students that fill the hallways. These will be the fastest four years of your life; don’t let a minute of it go to waste. Enjoy this crazy ride through high school because one day, they will be the best memories of your life!

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