Garage Get Down 2015

Garage Get Down 2015

By Allie May

On September 26, 2015, Seton had an all school dance in our garage where every grade had a different theme.  Freshman were neon, sophomores were beach, juniors were bohemian/hippies, and seniors were dynamics duos.  It was a perfect night to dance the night away together!   The Seton Connection asked girls questions regarding how their night was.

Seton Connection: Did you like your theme?

Freshman, Sydni Simonson: Yes, I did

Sophomore, Morgan Martin: YES!

Junior, Gabby Kayse: I thought the junior theme was kind of hard, but when I got there everyone looked cute and pulled it off.

Senior, Cassie Quitter: Yes, I think every year the seniors should have a dynamic duo theme

S.C.: Did the DJ play good songs?

S.S.: Sorta, better than other DJ’s

M.M.: Yes, the DJ played pretty good songs.

G.K.: The DJ played really good songs, I felt like I danced a lot this year.

C.Q.: Overall some of the songs were good, but he could have played more up to date songs.

S.C.: Did you bring a date?

S.S.: Yes, Matt Allison.

M.M.: No, I did not bring a boy with me.

G.K.: No, I did not bring a date this year.

C.Q.: No, I went with my girlfriends.

S.C.: What theme would you want next year?

S.S.: Beach, I guess.

M.M.: The theme I would pick for next year would be Disney characters!

G.K.: I like the theme song to the movie Grease because it is something different and cute.

C.Q.: If I had another year I would want it to be TV characters.

It was a great night overall, and a great start to our school year.  Being together and having a great time, made our excitement rise and now students throughout Seton are looking forward to the year, dances, and bonding over the experiences we will share together.  Everyone brought their dance moves, enthusiasm, and awesome outfits to match there theme and had an overall awesome time at Garage Get Down!


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