Movie Reel

Movie Reel

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

By Emily Garvey

The Maze Runner ended with a complete cliff- hanger and I was so excited to see the second movie The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Totaling at $30.8 million dollars you would expect the second movie to be just as good as the first. However, it was disappointing if you’re the type of person who loves reading the books before seeing the movie. The movie made me feel like I was trapped inside the theater for 10 hours. It was a pretty good movie. Although just like every other movie series the second movie is never better than the first one. I tried not to complain much because Dylan O’Brien is the main actor and his acing was very appealing in this movie. But before you read on I must warn you there might be some movie spoilers!!

The movie began where the first one ended- the cliff- hanger! Thomas and his fellow maze runners are transported to a remote place far from the maze. They run into more trouble when they uncover a plot from the powerful organization, WCKD. Again, they try escaping with help from a new character who has been living at this remote place for more than a week. When they hit a large bump in the road, they come across dangerous obstacles and run into virus- infected, zombie like people. During the rest of the movie they continue to fight for hope to find a group of resistance fighters who will help them defeat the WCKD.  Overall, I don’t regret seeing this movie. This is a must see if you want to see the updated trilogy; this movie uncovered too many secrets to miss.


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