“Our House, In the Middle of Our…”

“Our House, In the Middle of Our…”

By Sarah Becker

Seton High School was swimming with enthusiasm on Wednesday, September 23 during the annual Lip Sync Concert. Students brought their spirit and talents and performed one of the best lip sync concerts Seton has ever seen.

Freshman, Patricia Grogen, choose to Lip Sync 100 Years by Five for Fighting. She had the courage to perform in the Lip Sync Concert as a freshman. Trisha took home the gold. She chose 100 Years because she has always understood the idea that life is too short. Her grandpa, who was a very influential person in her life, taught her to never complain about too much time. She was nervous when she went up on stage and up until the music started, Trisha was tense and tried to forget her fear of falling of the stage. Her whole point of view changed when the music started and everyone began cheering for her. She was so excited to be up on the stage, Trisha said, “I was so happy that everyone had fun. I was so taken back by them standing and singing. I almost couldn’t breathe. I honestly was shaking. I was so happy that everyone thought that it was good. I was so scared that I would be labeled the weird kid. I had so much fun doing it I can’t wait for next year.”

Trisha changed the hearts of Seton Students. At the end of her performance, Trisha received the most applause than the other acts. Trisha won spirit points for Emmits house. She had courage and heart during her performance, and got the chance to bring every student together through singing and dancing.

We had other great performances. Senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen students showed their enthusiastic and creative sides while dancing and lip syncing to popular old and new songs. Students performed a variety of different acts. The Cross Country team performed a hilarious act which involved synchronized “swimming”. Taylor Poland and Bayley Mason danced to songs from many different eras with all different genres of music. Who could forget the finale? The teachers and staff danced, lip synced, and brought down the house to Madness’s Our House.

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