Maddie and Tae: Country Superstars

Maddie and Tae: Country Superstars

By Lauren Duell

Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye are two young country ladies dominating the country music charts. They have racked up 23 million VEVO views, garnered three CMT Music Award nominations for Breakout Video of the Year, Duo Video of the Year, Video of the Year, and had a #1 single. They strive to send a message for young girls to follow their dreams and for them to always be honest. “Honesty’s always the best policy,” Tae says. “We’re telling our stories and hope people can relate.” Maddie and Tae are powerful singer/songwriters that have no interest in letting anything break their spirits.

Maddie and Tae are both twenty years old and are from Sugar Land, Texas and Ada, Oklahoma. Before going into the country music business, they grew up listening to the Dixie Chicks. They both were dreamers who knew what they wanted early. The pair met at the age of fifteen through a vocal coach and came to Nashville for a publishing summer camp. Maddie and Tae met Big Machine Label Group’s SVP, Allison Jones, and that is when fate stepped in. However, to pursue their careers, they had to move to Nashville. Tae recalls, “She said, ‘If you really want to pursue this you will need to move to Nashville.’ I knew that was what I wanted. Moving to Nashville meant that I had to figure out how to graduate from high school early, and Maddie had to turn down college.” By 2013, Maddie and Tae had made their decision and moved to Nashville.

Three of my favorite songs off of Maddie and Tae’s album are, “Start Here,” are “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly”. “Girl in a Country Song” is a song about the way girls in country music have been viewed over time. “Fly” is about following your dreams. I think that this album is a great album for country music lovers to buy because their voices are amazing and they have very upbeat songs. Seton students who like country music will definitely love this album!

Maddie and Tae are doing great in the industry of Country music. They have two singles, “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly”, that are very popular across the nation. Also, they contribute their own experiences and life stories to their music to help relate to their audiences. Maddie and Tae are deeply invested in their career and don’t want to stop. Sometimes in the music industry, it’s the freshest faces and brightest sounds that can pull us in. For Maddie and Tae it’s the merge of what’s happening right now and what they love that sets them apart from other artists and captures our imaginations in the best way.

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