House Horoscopes

House Horoscopes

By Samantha Camarca

In this article you will read this week’s captivating horoscopes for each house of Seton High School!


Match for this Week: Cedar

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 6

Segale members will find luck and good fortune in their academics this week. On Tuesday, there will be a nice surprise waiting for them. Segale will find that this will be a breezy week and will not have many challenges to face.


Match for this week: O’Connell

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 18

Emmits will find that they will have to overcome some struggles, but by the end of the week there will be good news and the members will appreciate their struggles because it will have taught them a new lesson or given them a new strength or skill.


Match for this week: Segale

Lucky Numbers: 2, 13, 25

Cedar members will feel very forgiving this week and will find new inspiration which will lead them to a new passion. Cedar members should not give up hope if they find a road-block in their way. The advice is to simply just breathe and think of another alternative.


Match for the week: Emmits

Lucky Numbers: 43, 57, 92

O’Connell will be very focused and determined to do well in all aspects of their lives this week. They may even be distracted in a conversation due to their willpower to accomplish something. For those who struggle to keep a conversation with an O’Connell member, don’t be discouraged; the O’Connell member is trying to better some part of their life.

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