Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week

Renee Hofmeyer

By Kaysee Faecher

Soccer is one of the most spirited sports at Seton. At every game, the stands are filled with fans cheering for our Seton Saints. One player that stands out on the field is sophomore Renee Hofmeyer. She has been playing soccer since she was about five years old. You will find her defending the ball with the number fifteen written in neon green on the back of her jersey. The Seton Warm-Up C.d. gets Renee pumped up for the big game. Her favorite games to play in are obviously against our biggest rival…. MERCY! We beat the Mercy Bobcats 5-1 this year with the help of our wild beachy cheering section. Whenever Renee is playing soccer she can always look up into the bleachers and see her mom cheering her on. In her free time, Renee watches Netflix and does her homework like a good Seton Saint.

Renee’s teammates said a little something about the impact she makes on the team:

“Renee is a great athlete who works hard and always tries her best. She is a great teammate on and off the field. Renee always bonds with the people on her team.”

  • Carly Perrmann, Class of 2018

“Renee always gives 110% at every game and practice! She is so funny and I love being her teammate and friend!”

  • Kelly Bryne, Class of 2017

A few facts about Renee:

SC: Favorite go-to hair do?

RH: Ponytail or Bun

SC: Favorite teacher this year?  

RH: All of them

SC: Favorite Netflix show?

RH: Gossip Girl

(Renee is pictured in the middle between Allie and Maddie Hiatt)

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