College Visits

College Visits

By Alyssa Held

As senior year annually approaches, the first thing on a student’s mind is, what college am I going to attend next year?  Everyone waits forever for this day to come and wants to make the right choice. Fellow senior Nicole Bertke, “Going on a college visit gave me the chance to experience the life of college students and see the variety of opportunities offered in college.” Her insight portrays a clear message about how students feel when they get to see the college lifestyle.

Unfortunately some students think all the stress might be over because they are finished with the ACT with a score they are satisfied with.  Then they sit down and open the Common App and realize… the stress isn’t over.  Seniors spend up to 24 hours trying to write the perfect college essay, finding letters of recommendations from the right teacher, and having a breakdown in the shower. When they finally schedule their first visit, they realize the stress is worth it. They walk into a beautiful campus, with friendly people all around. They go through all the buildings that may be their future home. When the students finish their tour and are sitting in the car saying to themselves “I can definitely see this as my home” they suddenly know they made the right choice.

Finally, the student sends in her application after all the hard work and eventually receives the letter whether they got accepted or declined. Their heart skips a beat and it feels like they can hardly breathe. They open the letter and see the one word “accepted” and they sit there for a second and think ‘wow’…all that stress, all that hard work, all of that crying paid off. Then they jump for joy, run around their house a few times, call everyone they know and are just happy.

I interviewed a senior at Seton, Samantha Camarca, and asked her about her own college experience. When I asked her where she chose, she responded, “UK (University of Kentucky)”. I then proceeded to ask her how she felt about the campus and why. She answered, “I absolutely fell in love with the campus, I loved the buildings and the dorms and I just felt at home. I got excited about the sports there and they have really great Greek life, which I am very interested in.” For some people, it is love at first sight when visiting any campus, for others it may take a few visits to different colleges in order to find the right fit.

Throughout the whole process of applying for college and going on college visits, seniors come to realize the whole process is completely worth. The students will finally pick their new home and be very happy with their decision. They can’t wait to unpack in their dorm and finally experience the college of their dreams.

(Indiana University)


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