Staff of the Month

Staff of the Month

Al Kovacic

By Shannon Smyth

Ever wonder what Seton staff does outside of school? Mr. K, Religion Teacher, gives us the inside look into his life!

Seton Connection (S.C): What are your favorite hobbies?

Al Kovacic (A.K): Running, fishing, hanging with Mr. Vill, golfing (when possible), dressing up like a nun for Seton talent shows, and hanging out with my children when I am off work.

S.C: What was your favorite college class that you took?

A.K: Homily class because the professor was very well known in the religious teaching community. I learned a lot about scripture and it really payed off when giving homily reflections.

S.C: Do you have a spouse/ kids?

A.K: Melinda my wife, and my four boys Brayden (5 ½), Avery 3, Aiden (13), and Owen (10).

S.C: What is your favorite restaurant?

A.K: German Restaurant called Wertheim’s in Covington.

S.C: What is your favorite store?

A.K: Classy and Sassy because the clothes make me feel both classy and sassy! J

S.C: What is your Favorite Song?

A.K: Katy Perry’s Firework.

S.C: What is your advice for freshmen?

A.K: Get involved early and often.

S.C: Most embarrassing high school memory?

A.K: My prom date was a blind date and we didn’t click well.

S.C: What is your most embarrassing memory as a staff member at Seton?

A.K: I was singing the song from the movie, The Last of the Mohicans and now every year Mr. Vill. tells the juniors that is my favorite song.


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