Future Saints Come Marching to Open House

Future Saints Come Marching to Open House

By Alexis Lambers

On Thursday, October 23, Seton invited 7th and 8th grade future saints along with their friends and family to experience the atmosphere and morale of Seton High School. With the help of students, staff, parents and coaches, Seton became a welcoming Home Sweet Home for more than 100 future saints and their families. Sarah Cranley Lykins, Director of Institutional Advancement, excitingly acknowledges,

“Open House 2015 was a showcase of our Home Sweet Home.  You could feel the energy and love for Seton flowing through every student, teacher, staff member and coach. The Future Saints left feeling welcome and excited about the opportunities Seton has to offer.”

An open house typically consists of current students giving a tour of their school. Seton made the decision to change up this year’s Open House by featuring everything Seton has to offer. Rachel Schiller, class of 2017, emphasizes,

“We definitely made major changes in the way we show all that we have to offer here at Seton. This year we were more focused on the academics, sports teams, clubs, religion and staff rather than the building itself.”

As the guests arrived they were welcomed by Sarah Cranley Lykins, Marianne Ridiman and one of our many dedicated student ambassadors. Each future saint and guests were guided by a student ambassador. The experience began in the new gym with a sneak peek of extra-curricular activities, including: House government, clubs, sports, music and art. After getting a taste of all the extracurricular activities, a Seton Saint can be involved in, the guests listened a presentation, given by President, Mrs. Kathy Ciarla, and Principal, Mrs. Karen White. Mrs. Ciarla further explained the extra-curricular activities that were previewed in the new-gym. When Mrs. Ciarla concluded she turned it over to Mrs. White to talk about the academic aspect of Seton High School. Future Saints and parents were informed students can earn up to a year’s worth of college credits by the time they graduate high school. Other presentations that were available to listen to were given by the English, World Languages, Science and Mathematics departments. During these presentations future saints and families were exposed to each unique opportunity in the specific departments. Not only did the guests attend presentations, they stepped into classrooms to talk to teachers from each department. Having an open door session, teachers had the chance to showcase projects or experiments that are accomplished during class. As the tour came to an end, future Saints were given t-shirts, and flaunted their new Seton t-shirt in a photo booth.  The future Saints and guests left smiling from ear to ear and feeling excited about the opportunities offered at Seton.  Alayna Steffen an 8th grader at Our Lady of the Visitation, and future Saint- Class of 2020, expresses,

“I really liked the opportunities that Seton offered, like the Tri-Health program, and clubs. Everyone seemed comfortable and they felt that Seton was a safe place to be.”

Seton is and has received a great amount of positive feedback, proving Open House 2015 was a complete success. The new set up of Open House allowed Seton to stand out by showcasing all opportunities. Seton cannot wait to welcome home the Seton Class of 2020, and Open House was a perfect way to begin welcoming the future Saints.


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