A Day of Thanks and Giving

A Day of Thanks and Giving

By McKenzie Zimmer

People today think of Thanksgiving as just a holiday where family gather for turkey and football. However, there is something deeper rooted in the meaning of Thanksgiving. It isthe importance of others and reflecting on what we are grateful for in our life. Thanksgiving is an important holiday to remember what we are supposed to be thankful for. Many people take daily events for granted and do not realize how vital certain people are in our life. For myself, Thanksgiving has developed into a much deeper meaning over the years. Recently, my grandmother passed away and I realized I never told her that I was thankful for her. I regret not telling her every single day. We all should remember to thank our loved ones for all they do, no matter how much they anger you, and they love you with all their heart.

Thanksgiving has become one of the most important holidays. It is not just about gathering together for food and cheering on football. It is about appreciating what we have in life and each other. When the pilgrims first settled, they were thankful that they survived the first year. They worked with the Native Americans and with the help of each other, they created a day of thanks. I am glad I learned a new meaning on the holiday and I hope others will learn the same.

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