Being Unique

Being Unique

By Brooke Walters

On Friday, November 6th, the sophomore class enjoyed their annual day of reflection at Sisters of Charity Mother House.   The sophomores were divided into groups to engage in reflection, prayer, and activities. The activities they participated in included sharing personal stories, making bracelets, and bonding with peers.

The seniors helped lead the day of reflection by sharing their consideration on friendship, leadership, and finding themselves, which encapsulates the theme of “Being unique and having our own gifts and talents”.  Senior Allison Bihl reflects “Sophomore Day of Reflection is a time for the sophomores to reflect on themselves and what unique gifts God has given to them. As a leader, I was able to watch the girls share what unique qualities they thought their classmates had. It was a day to remind everyone how special God made them.”

The day began with a partner activity. The sophomores were paired with another classmate.  This activity gave each person one minute tell the other person something they may not know about them.  Then they switched to a new partner, but now they only had 45 seconds to talk.  Each increment was decreased by 15 seconds.  This activity showed the sophomores that as they time decreased with each new partner they revealed the most important things they wanted to share about themselves.

The sophomores were given the opportunity to tour the Mother House.  Some searched for Sister Blandina Segale’s grave, but they did not have the pleasure of finding it.

After lunch, the small groups met together to create bracelets.    The bracelet beads represented what each person in the small group represented to that person.  Each bead color indicated something different. Green represented growth. Purple represented honesty and creativity. There were other colors also but let’s keep what they implied a secret. A keepsake to remember this special time of reflection on each students own unique gifts and talents. The culmination of the day ended with a Mass in the chapel.  They were able to reflect on what they heard and ended the day with a high note.

The sophomores enjoyed their day reflecting on themselves.   Sophomore Brooke Rouse said “This day reminded me about the beauty that God has instilled in me and to embrace my talents because I want to, and not let others control that.” The sophomore’s had a really great time on their day of reflection.

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