Is Nathan Skyes the Next Justin Timberlake?

Is Nathan Skyes the Next Justin Timberlake?

By Lauren Duell

Nathan Sykes is a former The Wanted band member before he separated from the group to pursue a solo career. Nathan was born on April 18, 1993 in Abbeydale, United Kingdom.

One of his main goals when he pursued this solo career was to reinvent his sound Fun fact! In 2013 he made his solo debut in a duet with his then girlfriend, Ariana Grande, called, “Almost Is Never Enough.” When producing this song he found himself connecting with one of the track’s producers and co-writers, one of them being Harmony Samuels, an English record producer, composer, and songwriter. Sykes states, “I surprised myself a tiny bit [with the sound] and I was surrounded with music like that all the way through since I was a child.” He believed that for this album he wanted to keep it as a pop album while bringing in certain elements like soul, jazz, and R&B.

I listened to one of his most recent songs called “Kiss Me Quick.” I really enjoyed listening to his song because it has a jazzy vibe and is very catchy. “Kiss Me Quick” is the 1st U.S. single and video from the former band member. Sykes points out, “We were just laughing and joking about the fact that I can’t flirt, so that’s what we wrote ‘Kiss me Quick’ about and it ended up being my debut single.” The song is soulful and is R&B influenced. “Kiss Me Quick” showcases Sykes talent and his reinvention of sound. I believe that Seton students would really enjoy this song. As it is approaching Christmas time Seton students should definitely add his debut single to their Christmas lists!


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