The Cycle of the Moon



The Cycle of the Moon

By Anna Lanzillotta

The forming shadows of the moon
Create a change of glowing light
That dance around the skies that loom

When darkness falls revealing night


Each generation sings the tune
That tells the sequence of our lives
And each one thinks it is immune.
But looking on, the music thrives


The moon transitions from the white

And thus creates an evil grin

And brightness takes its weary plight
As darkness merges filled with sin


As always with the fading light

That seeks to find the peace it lacks

Are wars and battles fought with spite

With thieving, lies, and all attacks


But brightness shines again despite

The battle where it did not win
And afterwards it glows so bright
That fire must have burned within


And thus the brightness fully blooms
And joy and peace again survives
But darkness will return too soon
For that is where the light derives
The forming shadows of the moon
Expose a silhouette of light
But darkness slowly comes to loom

And battle rages through the night

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