Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Golden State of Mind (Almost)

By Erin Gardner

I am Erin Gardner, ‘The Seton Connection’s’ online editor, bringing to Seton, ‘Food for Thought’, a bi-monthly philosophical column.  My hope for this column is to introduce thought-provoking issues and to stimulate conversation.  Welcome and relax!

As April winds down into May and summer approaches, talk of senior trip and prom mingles among the conversations of exams.  Chlorine and suntan lotion smells are welcomed with open arms.  But first, making the grade needs to be a priority.

This week’s topic: Golden State of Mind (Almost).  Summer is close enough to smell. People are enjoying the weather and breaking out the dresses and sandals.  Coffee companies market cold drinks, swim suit sales engulf department stores, and flip flops will soon be de rigueur experiencing summer  at full throttle, exams need to be taken and final grades await.

So often in life, upcoming events seem to take precedence over the current moment.  When planning the week ahead, the excitement of the weekend typically overshadows the monotonousness of the weekdays.  Consequently, the reality of the “now moments” are lost.  People forget to stop, breathe, and take one day at a time.  The workday is seen as something to push though with grunts and closed eyes.  But open your eyes, and the punch clock is right there, beckoning.  The nine-to-five mentality becomes routine: clock in, stare at a computer in a cubicle, take a lunch break, and stare at a computer screen in a cubicle until happy hour.

The school week follows a similar pattern: Friday always takes priority over Monday, lunch is everyone’s favorite subject, and the only way to pass time is to glare down the clock, willing it to move faster. However, it is these moments that you will miss the most.  When you look back on your high school career, you will want to remember the lunch table jokes, the jam sessions on Spotify, and the test that you studied three hours for and aced.

In the midst of prom and senior trip excitement, it is hard to just sit and breathe.  But it is extremely important that you do. Close your eyes.  Shut the textbook.  Walk away from the computer.  As summer approaches, the to-do list seems to pile up. The fact is, it’s not summer yet.

Prom and exams need to be accomplished.  Grades and graduation invitations needs to be sent out.  But, graduation is paramount.

Take these last few months to look around and enjoy the view, enjoy the schedule, and enjoy the people.  Take this time to take deep breaths and root yourself in the present moment.  Do not race through classes, because this is it.  This is your high school career.  Please don’t wish it away through closed eyes and clenched fists; keep an open mind.  Keep a golden state of mind. (Almost).

One thought on “Food for Thought”

  1. Ahhh…the battle of the golden state of mind is at any avenue of life….while planning is always a good and certain necessity, all the planning does not remind you of the above and that is to enjoy the NOW of where you are and who you are with….the NOW is those moments sometimes of nothingness but always the dash in your life. I well remember (yes, even at my age) the angst of end of school years, of the growing list of ACTs, SATs, essays, exams, college applications, job applications, projects, prom, movies, of summer jobs and summer dreams. Soon this list will grow to include, college disciplines, life dreams, scheduling for just about everything, and somewhere in there you manage to eek out of few moments of family time or a moment to breathe deeply..and just enjoy…..this is your time indeed….make it a good one.. Well said dear Erin – good advice…at any age.and, yes, we think you are just golden 🙂

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