Introducing Ray Goren

Introducing Ray Goren

By Lauren Duell

Ray Goren is a singer and a self-taught musician from New York City. Goren plays many instruments, but two of his most prominent are the guitar and piano. At the age of seven, he moved to California to pursue a career.

As a young boy, he listened to jazz and blues. He started to play the piano. Ray says, “I started messing with piano when I was three but got really serious about it at the age of five when I was listening to Theolonius Monk, Oscar Peterson, Milt Jackson, and Coltrane as well as Miles Davis and all those guys.” His father eventually got him a boom box and at home he would try to play like them. Ray got into guitar when their family moved to California. Some of his inspirations are B.B. King, Albert Collins, and Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, and Eric Clapton. He eventually came across one of their songs called “Sweet Little Angel” and this song spoke to him.

Ray’s music has a foundation of blues. He listened to Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, and Amy Whitehouse for inspiration and then started to incorporate rock into his music. He released a song last year called “Save My Soul.” I listened to this song and, although it may not fit my taste in music, I believe people who enjoy rock and blues music will enjoy this song and this artist. His “Save My Soul” EP has charted on the Root’s charts for about six month and peaks at number thirteen. I believe Ray has a great future ahead of him in music and I hope he will become a popular and fun artist that many will look up to.


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