Seton Helping Saints

Seton Helping Saints

By Mimi Marcheschi

The Seton Helping Saints club has been a vital component of what makes Seton High School the place that it is: a place of acceptance, charity, growth, friendship, and above all, love. The students within the club keep a strong focus on advocating for the Seton Community and its constituents by way of time, treasure and talent in the spirit of our Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Every year the Seton Helping Saints Club leads the annual all-school walk in order to raise money for their club. Before the walk begins, the board of the club hosts a pep rally to get everyone excited for the walk. This year, however, it was a bit different. The walk took place on Friday, September 16th- a rather bittersweet day for the Seton community. Just as the day began, Seton received news that one of our very own saints, Meghan Hils (Class of ’16), passed away hours before the start of the school day (since a young age, Meghan battled with her health). Come September, God had decided that it was finally time for Him to call Meghan home. Whether you knew her or not, it is safe to say that Meghan had impacted the lives of every person who had ever walked the halls of Seton High School. When asked what made Meghan such a special person, Allie May (Class of ’16)- one of Meghan’s dear friends shared, “She was so genuine, caring, and a true friend. Her smile was contagious. Her strong will to live each day to the fullest and not take tomorrow for granted was truly remarkable. I’m a better person today for knowing Meghan and I miss her dearly. She loved the Seton community with all her heart. All the memories made will never be forgotten. She will forever and always be our Seton Sister”.

Naturally, the Seton Helping Saints Board decided that rather than the typical pep rally before the walk, Seton would gather the school for a prayer service. Seton High School walked a silent quarter of a mile in honor of Meghan. This year’s walk was a testimony to how special the Seton Helping Saints club truly is. When asked what makes the club so special, Junior McKenzie Vatter said, “I keep sticking with SHS because of the atmosphere it creates. I just love how my Seton sisters can come together and help someone who really needs it. I know it means so much to the receiver, but it feels even better knowing that you are the reason why you made someone’s life a little bit easier and more enjoyable.”

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