Seton Named Most Spirited School

Seton Named Most Spirited School

By Jessica Ginn

In August, Seton was awarded the 2015-2016 Penn Station School Spirit Award! Last year, seniors Allie and Maddie Hiatt were named the Penn Station Athletes of the month. When Penn Station came to Seton to award Allie and Maddie, we showed them our awesome school spirit. Because of our awesome school spirit, Seton was awarded $1,500 towards the athletic program.

In August, Seton administration and students went to FOX 19 to accept the award and got the opportunity to be on live television. While accepting the award Mrs. Ciarla said proudly, “We have the most spirited girls in the nation.” Rachel Schiller also added, “We have extreme spirit and love our school.” At Seton, our spirit is what makes us different from the other high schools. There is never a moment when the girls are not cheering for the school they love.

This year, Seton is back in the running to win for the most spirited school. The award amount this year is not $1,500 but…. $10,000! So let’s show Penn Station for the second year in a row that we are the most spirited high school around.


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