The Election of 2016 & Demographics

The Election of 2016 & Demographics

By Molly Schramm

The 2016 Presidential Election has surely been wild. From email scandals to fat-shaming comments, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have kept all citizens on the edge of their seats waiting for the next big scandal or blow-out. It almost seems more like a movie that should be accompanied with popcorn, than the election of our country’s president—our highest official.

As a teenager in today’s society, it’s interesting to see the two campaigns play out. Trump is loud and strong-minded while Hillary is hard-hitting and prepared. Their demeanors are complete opposites. My theory is that the older generations resonate with Trump, while the younger generations resonate with Clinton. To test my theory, I went out and asked Seton students and faculty some questions.




The 10% of faculty that said it depends expressed how the context of their opinion mattered. For instance, politically they’re not being listened too, but retrospectively older people primarily advertise to young adults and cater to them.





It’s interesting to see the contrast between the faculty and students. The faculty and students, obviously being in different age groups, seemingly had completely opposite opinions on this question.chart-6chart-5

This was the most surprising answer in my opinion. If you compare the charts between the faculty and students, you can obviously see the weariness in the faculty’s choices. Voting for a president is no easy feat; however, it seems like the students (even if they cannot actually vote) seem to have the answers.

This election is a whirlwind. With new emails arising and tapes from decades ago creating backlash in the Trump campaign, it’s undeniable one of the most complex elections we’ve had in American history. But the only responsibility we have as citizens is to vote and make our opinions heard, no matter your political stance. And for those who cannot vote, become informed, and educate yourself on the issues for when next election rolls around.



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