Leadership Growing at Seton By: Emily Mohs

How have Seton students truly kept the tradition of leadership growing? Leadership has immensely developed the past couple of years at Seton High School. While attending four years at Seton, students are faced with many opportunities to improve the quality of their leadership. Some opportunities that are provided include seminars, reflection days, Kairos, and leadership workshops. By taking part in these activities, leaders are able to bring the knowledge they learned back to Seton to share with others around them.

One of the events Seton provided was a leadership workshop this summer. Students learned what it took to be looked up to in the school, but also in the real world. They gained many skills such as networking, carrying conversations, and teamwork. Mentor captain, Kelli Cunningham claims, “The leadership workshop helped me learn things that I could do in school, and also in real life. It really gave me a glimpse of what growing up is like.” The process taken is highly interactive and involves students wanting to transform how they work with others. The results of the workshop have shown tremendously throughout the 2017-2018 school year so far. Because of great interest shown by students, administrators are continuing to provide the workshop throughout the year, for any other students that are not yet leaders of the school, but are highly interested.

A group of students every year are selected to go to various seminars. Two well-known seminars that have already occurred this year are Anthony Munoz and the Mayerson Seminar. At both events, students were able to meet students from different schools, and learn a variety of techniques they can take back to their own schools. The Anthony Munoz Seminar takes place at Xavier’s Cintas Center. Over a thousand students from different schools across the Tri-State meet for a day full of leadership. While there, students listened to guest speakers as they share their own personal experiences. Similarly, the Mayerson discussion focuses on the involvement of high school students and teachers service dedication in their community. Seton House Chaplin, Lizzie Schoenfeld explains, “The Mayerson seminar opened me up to so many new ideas and people. Not only was the seminar informative, but I got to meet some new friends as well!” Students learn here how to enhance community service, improve mandatory service hours, and how to recognize student service achievement at their school. These days allow for students to talk about concepts as a school they excel in, and also learn how to get others involved.

The final example of leadership that really stands out to those attending Seton is leading reflection days and Kairos. Every student at Seton is required to attend all reflection days and most importantly a senior retreat; Many students chose Kairos. Senior at Seton, Maria Striebach describes, “Kairos was the best time of my life! The days would not have been possible if the leaders were not there.” After they attended this event, they have the option of leading those days for others. By leading these days, students are able to pass their own religious experiences, and create the feeling they got when they were participating in their own day.

One of the four pillars at Seton is leadership. By student leaders involving themselves in the Seton community, they are able to make our school unique. Leadership is a constant cycle; every year a new class takes over. No other school has as great leaders as Seton does, and we, as a school, need to make that known. Our leadership is overpowering and is constantly improving every day.

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