New Students Take on Seton High School By: Audrey McQuillan


Incoming freshmen and new students transition into a new school year at Seton High School. Regardless of the different schools the students came from, all students agreed upon the sisterhood atmosphere that Seton embodies.

Mercy Transfer and sophomore, Kylee Fitzgerald claims, “The atmosphere at Seton is so different, and I love it! The school spirit and the students love for each other is so strong here. It truly is a sisterhood. I have never felt so at home at school before. I am beyond grateful for the welcoming arms Seton has showed me. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe I was meant to be at Seton.” Seton’s goal for their new students is to feel comfortable and feel a sense of belonging. This year, Seton developed a transition team for freshman and transfer students who might need help with this change. Seton staff member Beth Lauber explains, “The main goal of the transition team is to support transfer students and freshmen to ease their transition to Seton. In other words, it is a group of staff who are there for new students with any questions related to Seton.” With transitioning to a new school, many students might face challenges. Mercy transfer and sophomore, Stella Moorman discusses her challenges, “just getting used to the way the school is and the day to day routine here.”  Seton’s main priority is to make each new student feel welcomed and comfortable at school.  Karissa Fleek, Mercy transfer and sophomore, talks about her transition, “It has been very smooth and easy. Everyone has seemed to really make an effort to make me feel at home, or like I have been at Seton my freshman and sophomore year.  I don’t feel like a transfer student anymore.” Every student at Seton wants to make the new students feel comfortable and take part in the sisterhood.  In a new school their also are new opportunities. Class of 2021 freshman, Julie Schenkel explains, “Seton is different from my old school, because I am given more opportunities to help my community.” Seton allows students to get involved through academics, athletics, community service, arts, and clubs. Through these different activities, many students feel more connected to their fellow peers. These opportunities are what fuels the Seton sisterhood the students share. Freshman, Sydney Hemme discusses her favorite part of Seton, “My favorite part about Seton is how connected we all are. You really feel like you are part of a sisterhood.” This goes to show how Seton students are so positively affected by sisterhood. Transitioning or change can be challenging for anyone, but with a homelike atmosphere, Seton incorporates makes this change easier. The sisterhood and love the students share has shaped Seton into what it is today. Through this year, and the rest of the years to come at Seton, the new students will continue to prosper.

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