Seton’s House System Then and Now By: Emily Mohs

Students, Faculty, and Staff at Seton High School have been implementing the house system for three years. What most students do not know, is the evolution of the house system and that the system originally started in early England. The distinct history of house government, gives a new and improved look for those thinking of attending Seton.

The house system has been around for hundreds of years. According to Robert J. O’Hara, it originally began in 1857 particularly in the commonwealth countries of England. During this time, the system was established mainly in boarding schools. Similar to Seton today, each house was named particularly after saints, famous historical alumni, or regional topics and each house was identified by its own symbol, color, or logo. Many people do not know that Harvard College was one of the first schools to institute this in their educational system. Back then, one of the main goals of the house system was to make students feel welcomed and comfortable. Parents are not around when students attend school, so the system helps the emotional, physical, mental, and social needs of each student. The prime purpose of the previous house system was to promote both a learning and enthusiasm in the classroom, but also outside of it.

The house system arrived at Seton in the 2015-2016 school year. It was implemented by the Seton executive board at that time, the idea came from Moller High School. Seton Senior Tricia McHale, describes, “The executive board was drawn to its emphasis on bonds between grades and not just within them, and the way it made students interact.” It is very important for Seton students to be conscious of where the house system came from, and why it is blooming in different schools today.

Over the last three years, Seton High School has evolved into something unique, exhilarating, and welcoming. The reason for this is the house system. Charity games are one aspect of the house system that has brought a big hit. The charity games allow for healthy competition against each other. Another major impact mentor groups in the morning every school day. This mix of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors make it easier for students to be more open in trying something new and growing a stronger connection with people that they normally would not talk to. Tricia McHale explains, “The house system creates a sense of unity among all students of Seton High School, while encouraging pride in one’s heritage, as each house—Cedar, Emmits, O’Connell, and Segale—have important ties to the history of Seton High School, the Sisters of Charity, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.” House government is constantly improving the leadership we have in school. The system surprises the students in many different thrilling ways, and it is why Seton High School is the greatest school in the Cincinnati area.


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