Soaring at Seton By: Rylee Jung

This year has just taken off and already our Saints are soaring! Strong goals are the key to a successful life and career. Seton is a special environment that particularly nurtures this desire for impressive goals; that fact is proven through the shining students and alums who discussed their future plans and goals that are still underway or have finally been achieved.

But what is it about the Seton environment that is so unique? One of the most predominant values that Seton community found was our family atmosphere and supportive staff. Mrs. White, Seton’s principal, believes “We are a family and we support one another…We all know each other and if we don’t know someone, we take the time to learn about them and that’s not something a lot of places have.” Miss Tighe, Seton’s new English teacher also noticed how “the seniors are looking out for the freshman in their house and that inspires them to grow and do big things and have big goals.” Students’ close proximity to encouraging staff has proven to be beneficial in inspiring great ideas. Mrs. White discusses how she helps students through “The opportunity of senior project, by throwing out ideas, supporting them, and mentoring them!” Meghan Cappel, Class of 2011, explains that “you develop good relationships with your teachers [at Seton] which translates to if you need to go talk to your professor in college; you won’t be afraid to go to their office house because you’ve already had that interaction.”

Empowering women is also a standout Seton quality according to staff and alums. Student life director, Mary Agricola explains, “All of the adults and all of the kids are constantly trying to do their best…We are always challenged to do things better than we did last year. We are always trying to improve.” When it comes to inspiring big goals for young women, Mrs. Agricola also points out that “we allow our kids to just think and we empower them to go”. Allison Hinker, one of Seton’s biology teachers, explains how “we want to reach those high expectations as a student so we are willing to push ourselves a little bit more and we’re given a comfort zone to do that in.” Mrs. White states that Seton’s desire for strong goals is “set by example from all the strong leaders and strong alums.” Strong alums are definitely something Seton is plentiful in. Emily Igel, class of 2012, is currently working in a metabolic lab and recently passed her Ph.D. qualifying exam in pharmacology. Emily explains “The teachers at Seton created a classroom environment which encouraged critical thinking…The teachers know how to push the students outside their comfort zones, and help guide the students to overcome obstacles and achieve things they may not have thought were possible.” Meghan Cappel, who is currently a marketing director at Burke and plans to go back to UC for her MBA, adds that Seton really teaches young women about “giving your own opinion and knowing you have a voice” in a male dominated world.

But what about our own students? In their lives, students claim that Seton is the encouraging and academically challenging environment in which they have found their true selves. Senior Lilly Witte comments how “Seton has shown me that in order to be successful, I can’t just be smart or talented in some way. I have to work hard, find something I love, and attempt to better myself in any way possible.” It is within Seton that our students find inspiration to soar through Honors Programs, sports, house government, INTERalliance club, Saints for Life, StrongHer, new AP classes, and much much more! Sophomore Amanda Rapien told the Seton Connection that Seton inspires her to soar by “pushing me to work harder.” Freshman Shay Espich notes that she is inspired by Seton because “Seton puts a lot of work in keeping me happy and comfortable which makes me want to be the best me I can be.” Lilly Witte mentions that Seton inspires her by “allowing me to be myself…The people – teachers, friends, staff, peers – all amaze me every day in more ways than I can explain.” All of the students interviewed said they were planning on going to college and will continue soaring through impressive careers.

This year’s theme has definitely presented the student body with a challenge. A challenge to go beyond your limits. A challenge to turn your betters into bests. From thinking about college or volunteering somewhere new or making a new friend, there are endless possibilities for potential goals here at Seton. How will you soar this year?

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