Seasonal Foods and Fashion By: Rylee Jung

Here at Seton, we are very in tune with seasonal foods and fashion trends, but have you ever wondered why certain seasons have the foods and fashion associated with them? The Seton Connection decided to find out. A survey was sent out to the whole student body a few weeks ago that asked what feelings they associated with which season. From this data, we have found that fashion and foods that are associated with a certain season reflect the feelings people feel in that season.

 Winter: a time when people turn inward unless they want to brave the cold, white earth. According to survey results, most people associate winter with being cold, stressful, comforting, and cozy. The cold and stress can definitely be attributed to the end of semester exams that loom in the same realm as the bright lights and peppermint scented air of Christmas. But fear not, the endless hot chocolate recipes and perfectly knit sweaters are here to save the season. Cold weather and the feeling of stress causes people to turn inward which leads us to dress more in layers for optimal comfort. High necklines, leggings, soft boots, gloves, hats, and scarves cover us from head to toe, not letting of that cold air chill us. Colors are usually neutral, earthy cool tones, and deep reds. Along the same lines, winter foods are usually hot, rich, and labeled as “comfort foods”. Thick soups or stews and warm cookies are just some examples of typical comfort foods. Comfort foods are notoriously eaten in times of stress. The cozy warmth of a sweet hot chocolate or savory stew can soothe the fuzzy sock wearing stressed soul.   

Spring follows winter with a burst of sunshine and color. To most, this season involves feeling fresh, bright, and again, stressed. The end of the year beckons hopefully, but final exams still cloud the minds of students everywhere. As the chill of winter fades, so does the pull to eat rich comfort foods. In a blossom of fresh produce, many people opt to eat “cleaner” in the spring; like a spring cleaning for their body. Low carb meals stocked with bright fruits and veggies match perfectly with the fresh feeling of spring. Clothes also tend to match colors with the budding earth through pastels and floral prints. Hemlines and necklines fall back to let in the newfound sunshine.

Summer comes in like a shock heat wave or intense summer storm. Summer feelings are  fun, hot, energetic, happy, and most importantly: free. Everyone feels the stress of school slip off their shoulders. Food reflects the carefree and fun vibe of summer. Cookouts offer sizzling burgers, bright watermelon, and sweet corn. Now that spring has passed, the Earth provides in full. Fresh produce abounds in this season and our summer recipes reflect that. Fruit tarts and grilled vegetables are summer classics. Clothes also reflect the fun and spontaneous feelings of summer. Summer fashion involves thin and flowy material that is as fun as it is useful for creating maximum airflow in the heat of summer. White and solid bright colors spotted with jewelry or muted florals are popular.

 It is no surprise to us that fall is definitely the favorite season for most. The warmth and splendor of summer lingers while the cool promise of winter is present. Fall feelings are relaxing, peaceful, comfy, happy, and a little stressful with the start of school. However, that

does not scare us away from dawning trendy fall fashions and eating and consuming pumpkin spice everything. Fall fashion fades back into neutral colors with a splash of warm orange, yellow, and red to match the Earth’s transformation. Plaid and stripe patterns become particularly popular during this season, along with pairing every outfit with the perfect forest green jacket. Fall foods tend to hold a special place in people’s hearts: pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, apple cider, apple pie, sticky Halloween candy, and of course, Thanksgiving Dinner. Fall foods tend to be warm as the winter sets in, but still holds the freshness of summer.  


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