Sporting Events on the Rise at Seton by: Abby Paff

Since the house system, students have more of a desire and motivation to attend sports events, but how does this affect the athletes? Sporting events at Seton High School often have high attendance by the student body. Many of the athletes have different thoughts and opinions about a high attendance rate. Seton uses the house system, which is a way for all grade levels to get involved and meet students from all grade levels. The house system was established at Seton in 2015 by a group of students who attended a leadership conference, leading them to start a new system and a different way to compete against one other. Charity events often bring a higher attendance for events at Seton. While attendance rates have improved and increased the school spirit, not all athletes like the added pressure.

Athletes at Seton often enjoy big crowds; however, they can cause pressure to the athletes. Senior bowling captain, Emma Ochs says, “I feel important when there are a lot of people there. I know my sport is not a popular one to play or even watch, so I am used to not many spectators. However, when more people are there to watch, I feel a bit more adrenaline and it makes me feel great.” Ochs was recently voted Bowler of Week, and she admits that when many fans attend a bowling match, it makes her team feel very honorable and she loves the huge crowd. Large crowds can cause pressure towards athletes, but in the end it can be very beneficial. Senior basketball captain, Bridgette Grote states, “I feel nervous when there is a high attendance at my games, but I also get very excited because of the atmosphere.” Many athletes most likely are nervous before or during games, by now they should know how to handle the pressure and nerves which can turn them into better athletes. Sophomore swimmer, Hannah Rogers explains, “I enjoy when people attend my swim meets, the more people watching adds excitement and gives me a great feeling before swimming, but if you mess up more people will see your mistakes.” Rodgers makes a great point that many athletes do make mistakes which can be caused by a high amount of pressure due to more attendance at sports events.

Sporting events are receiving more attention at Seton this year, and will continue to grow in the future. The high attendance makes athletes feel empowered, and excited that people are coming to watch their sports. Seton sports are on the rise and athletic events are always a fun time to make memories with your school. It allows students to be involved in an easy way.

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