Importance of Fundraising by Emily Mohs

Why is the Seton High School community thriving today? Seton has always been known for its spectacular fundraising events held every year, such as Celebrate Seton and Setonsation. Students are asked to participate in these events in various ways, whether it being working the event or sending in donations. Without these events, Seton would not be the school it is today. The funds are used for recruiting, lowering tuition costs, and granting scholarships. Essentially almost all of the money is incorporated back into the student’s lives. It is crucial for those attending the Seton High School to participate in these events every year.

One of the major, most talked about events here at Seton is Celebrate Seton. Celebrate Seton is a mini festival for all ages that are involved in the Seton community. The day is filled with games, raffles, performances, and prizes. All of the money collected during this event is given right back to Seton. Noelle Schwartz, an event planner at Seton, states, “Most of the fundraising raises money for tuition assistance, scholarships and school programs.” Several students were asked to participate in this day in many different ways. All student government girls were required to work the games and be an active part of the day. Other students were asked to bring in sweets and desserts for the greatly talked about cake booth. Many others were just asked to be a part of the day by coming to the event. All age levels of the Seton’s Dance Team performed, as well as the girls involved with the Seton Chorus. Overall, this event was a great success for the school.

The next major event that has an impactful contribution to the Seton community is Setonsation. The staff and students have been preparing for this event for several months. Every student has been asked to sell at least two chances for a chance of being put into a raffle to win a brand new car. Schwarz implies, “Students should care about their school.  Every penny raised at Setonsation goes back to them and the school.  I would hope the students would care more than anybody to help make this event successful, because ultimately it affects them the most.” Students also have the chance to win a five-hundred-dollar shopping spree to Kenwood Towne Center. All of the preparation leads up to the night of Setonsation, which includes a mass, fun games, raffles, and silent auctions. Many alums participate by donating items to be auctioned off to those who attend. Noelle Schwarz describes, “We as a Seton community hope to raise over $300,000.  In the weeks leading up to the event we have thousands of items donated, sponsorships, and ads purchased.” There is tremendous anticipation and excitement that leads up to this event. Every year, the school enjoys hosting this special day and seeing how much everyone’s hard work has paid off after weeks of high hopes.

Students are a crucial part of what makes Seton such an excellent school to attend. Everyone needs to be willing to participate in the major fundraising events such as Celebrate Seton and Setonsation because most if not all of the money received is incorporated back into their own lives. These events are a major part of what determines the school’s future, and how many new students attend the school. Students can help the Seton community grow and thrive through these processes.




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