“Seton High school’s Dance program takes on UDA Nationals” by Audrey McQuillian

This year Seton high school’s dance team was named the 2018 national champions at the Universal Dance Association (Nationals) in their small varsity pom routine, and placed 3rd in small varsity hip-hop. Seton’s dance team has continued to improve and improve throughout its years. Many people throughout the years have participated in some way. This year mayor John Cranley named February 25th in Cincinnati “Seton Dance Day;” the city of Cincinnati and Seton High school can honor and recognize all those who have participated in Seton dance for years to come.  While winning nationals is a large achievement for Seton’s dance program, the connection between the dancers is what defines the Seton’s dance program.

Many Seton graduates have in some way changed as a person from Seton’s dance program. Senior Carly Berning discusses how Seton dance has impacted her life, “I grew up dancing with Seton, and every season comes with about a million new life lessons. When I was in grade school and on the junior team, I adapted to phrase positive mental attitude. This phrase really stuck with me. I had talked to one of my coaches about what my goals for the season would be. I suggested that I wanted to learn how to take constructive criticism rather than taking all of their corrections to heart. This could improve my personal dancer. Then that turned into me using the phrase positive mental attitude every single practice of the rest of my dance career with Seton. I always work hard to get my team to stay really happy and upbeat.

Seton dance has influenced the lives of so many people, but it also takes full commitment, time, and effort. Every year Seton’s dance program takes time to honor each senior for their commitment to Seton dance. Caroline Jackson discusses her senior year, “I started dancing in 6th grade. My senior year was by far my favorite year, but not just because we won nationals. This year was different for me because I felt more in control with my own anxieties than I ever had been throughout my dance career. I was able to enjoy all the moments this year without my anxiety interfering with this season. I did have some moments when my anxiety got the best of me, but without the three years’ prior, the amazing coaches, and the amazing team I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this year as much as I have.” Seton’s dance program makes sure to make their seniors feel special. Caroline Jackson continues to explain the feelings she felt when she was announced a national champion, “I was so excited; I knew this team deserved this win so much. This team never gave up and always pushed through the most difficult obstacles. Everyone on this team went through the season with clear eyes and full hearts.”

These girls spend many hours perfecting their routines for nationals. All these girls put their heart and soul into this program. Winning nationals was a well-deserved title for these girls who put in so much dedication into their passion.

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