Class of 2018 Valedictorian and Salutatorian by, Emily Mohs

Valedictorian and Salutatorian are two individuals who have the overall highest academic achievement in their specific class, and who also give a speech at the final graduation ceremony. This year in the class of 2018, Lilly Witte was named Valedictorian and Maria Striebich was named Salutatorian. Many students do not know the amount of hard work and dedication that is put into receiving this award. It is a great honor to be presented with these awards at graduation.

            Both of these students have contributed a lot of time and energy into their academics at Seton High School, yet they also participate in several other activities Seton provides. Lilly Witte is a part of my clubs here at Seton including StrongHer, Saints for Life, Seton Helping Saints, and Student Government. Witte discloses, “Class wise I have taken just about as many AP classes as I could fit in my schedule and challenged myself to do well in all of them. I also challenged myself to go outside of my comfort zone and meet new people, join as many clubs as I found interesting, and volunteer whenever I had the chance.” Maria Striebich has also participated in many other school activities besides academics. She is part of many clubs such as Saints for Life, and has also participated in volleyball and track and field all four years at Seton. Striebich exclaims, “I have also challenged myself by taking a lot of AP classes, but also in other ways by joining clubs I didn’t think I’d join, going outside of my comfort zone by making connections with people I’d never spoken to, and doing other activities outside of the Seton community.” Both of these students agree that their success was not only achieved by academics, but by getting involved with clubs, sports, and volunteer opportunities within the Seton community.

            These two students have had a lot of success throughout their four years at Seton. Their hard work and dedication in Seton’s academics, sports, clubs, and other things have shown immensely. They both agree throughout this entire process they have had a lot of support from different individuals. Witte describes, “My parents have always pushed me to be the best I could be and have always encouraged that I take my studies seriously.” Many of Seton’s students consider their parents to be one of their biggest supporters; however, Maria Striebich has another important influence in her life. Striebich implies, “My brother has had a huge influence on me because I watched him work so hard throughout high school and in college. He has always been there to help me whenever I need it.” It is important for you to find someone to look up to throughout your four years at Seton. These people can provide specific advice that can lead to great things in your overall high school successes.

            Both Maria Striebich and Lilly Witte have shown tremendous success throughout all four years at Seton. Students should be more influenced to look up to these individuals and to take in all the advice they give. As for these two individuals, they have big plans for the future. Maria is attending The University of South Carolina next year to major in biology. She also wants to go out of her comfort zone and take the time to study abroad at USC. Lilly plans on attending the University of Notre Dame. She is currently undecided on a major, but she is looking at social sciences, possibly political science. Both of these ladies plan on continuing to carry the knowledge they learned from Seton and incorporating it to their everyday college life.

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