Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

By Erin Gardner

Hello, Seton!

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Erin Gardner.  I am a senior and am The Seton Connection’s editor.  You might have seen me around at StrongHer or French Club meetings.  A little bit about me: I love cold pizza, coffee, and my favorite book is The Outsiders. 

The Seton Connection, is digitalized and is accessible from anywhere.  This year is a bit different from last year; Mrs. Lauber and Mrs. Vanover collectively teach Publications. The girls in the class will be covering one article per quarter, and topics include events around Seton, world news, and local news.  There will be structured content on a consistent basis.

Last year, we, the Publications class, kick started a platform at Seton through the paper called Writer’s Block.  There is an introductory post here: https://setonconnection.org/2015/12/17/writers-block/.  Writer’s Block is a community of inspiration, via the newspaper, created for Seton by Seton.  The purpose of Writer’s Block is to create a dedicated sisterhood of inspiration that is safe and welcoming.  Anyone can write for The Seton Connection. Feel free to submit a short story, poem, research paper, or journal page that you would like to share.  The submission will be edited for content, and, if approved, it will be published. If you wish, you can submit your piece anonymously.

I hope that you take advantage of The Seton Connection and all that it has to offer. Please remember that this paper is created for Seton students for the Seton community, so please let us know what YOU want to see and read.  Comments help us know what works and what doesn’t, so please don’t be shy of the comment section.

I wish you the best of luck of this school year, friends. If you would like to see anything covered or have any questions, please email me: erin.gardner@setoncincinnati.org.


ACT Application

ACT Application

By Lauren Duell

After countless hours of studying and of worrying about getting their dream score, Seton has finally come up with a solution to help students prepare for the ACT. The Seton administration decided to incorporate ACT practice tests and study sessions to students’ schedules to help students achieve a high score. Based on their scores from these tests, students will be put into a groups, receive tips on how to prepare, and will have a chance to practice the test. Throughout this change many students have had their opinions on it. Eleanor Gardner, a sophomore at Seton high school says, “I do not like doing the ACT prep sessions, but I think they will be helpful to improve our scores in the future. I think they will give you a good idea to what kind of questions will be on the ACT and how to study for it.” Mrs. Hollenbach, a Seton staff member says, “We are hoping that a test prep program takes some pressure away because the test will become more familiar to students and students will become more aware of their own performance and the college requirements needed for the career they want to pursue.” Many students have different views on these sessions but overall these sessions are great for the underclassmen and students will be thankful for it when applying for college.

Green Week: Thursday and Friday

GREEN WEEK: Thursday and Friday

By Emma Bruggeman

What was YOUR favorite part of Green Week 2016?

The day off of school on Monday? The themes? The lip sync concert? GGD?

As we all know, our theme for this school year is “Seton Strong”, where you can find your own superpower and be your own superhero. On Thursday during Green Week, everyone was given the opportunity to dress up as one of their favorite superheroes. From basic t-shirts to full costumes, students and staff alike got into the spirit of the week by wearing the attire of famous superheroes for the day (of course, every other day we are Seton Superheroes!). Although many characters were represented, it came down to a battle between Batman and Superman as to who was most represented. It was evident walking through the halls, that the duty of the superhero participants was to stamp out evil and “save the day.” By being a Seton Saint, we know that a Wonder(ful) Woman with our own superpowers dwells in each one of us.

Friday morning began very early for the Seniors with the Senior Tailgate in the garage. Dressed in our school colors, this annual rite of passage was enjoyed by all. The leaders of the school laughed, played games, and belted out their favorite songs. Although Seton is always a positive place, the amount of energy in the school that day was so high that it made me extra proud to be a Saint! I only saw one color that day and it was: GREEN!!!!! So what will Green Week 2017 bring? …