Transitions by Sherilyn Drexler

As the cold stiffness of winter begins to melt away, and spring’s warmth begins to shine through, we enter a season of ends, transitions, and eventual new beginnings. Every year former grade school students enter their new high schools where they’ll spend the next four years, newly risen seniors enter a year of excitement and lasts, and former high school students enter their new college campuses- all new worlds of possibilities and opportunities in their own right. In the spirit of new beginnings, members of each category reflect on the old and look to the new: 

GRADE SCHOOL TO HIGH SCHOOL- Jane Streicher- Seton High School Class of 2021 

 What has been your most memorable moment from your first year at Seton? 

My most memorable moment so far at Seton was definitely the garage get down. Dancing with everyone was so much fun especially since it was the first dance I have been to with my sister.  

 What has been the biggest thing you learned? 

The biggest thing I learned this year is to take chances and to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Throughout my first year I took part in a lot of new academic, athletic, and leadership opportunities which I never thought I would. By taking part in these new challenges, I have been able to grow a lot as a person.   

What advice would you give an 8th grader coming into their first year of high school? 

I would tell an incoming eighth grader to push themselves to venture not only outside of their comfort zone but outside their normal group of friends. I know that going into Seton I felt scared not knowing a lot of people. But I tried to always go out of my way to say hi to new people in classes or at lunch, and it really helped me meet some of my best friends.  

FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL TO GRADUATION- Rylee Jung- Seton High School Class of 2018 

What has been your most memorable moment from your Senior year at Seton? 

My most memorable moment of Senior year was being a leader for K72. This experience was absolutely amazing. I have never felt so loved and supported by not only my classmates, but some of the juniors and the staff.  

What has been your biggest takeaway from your time in high school? 

My biggest takeaway from high school is learning to trust and be confident in myself.  

What surprised you about your senior year? 

This answer kind of ties into my last answer. What has surprised me the most about this year is how much I’ve opened up and have been able to do. I used to not think I was good enough for a lot of stuff, but this year I really proved myself wrong and accomplished so much.   

What advice would you give underclassmen about going into their senior year? 

The advice I would give to juniors going into senior year is to do everything you possibly can. Make the most out of the time you have left here – get closer with the people in your grade, talk to teachers more, support your classmates at sporting events, go to the art shows, plays, and do everything that Seton has to offer that even slightly interests you. Don’t be afraid to get really involved and just have fun! 

HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE- Megan Igel- Seton High School Class of 2015 

What has been your most memorable moment from college?  

It’s hard to pick one specific memorable moment! I’ve had so many cool experiences, whether it be through class, clubs, or just hanging out with my friends. But if I had to pick one moment I know I’ll never forget, I would say it was the first night after I moved in to my dorm freshman year. The freshman at Miami move in early, and the university always plans fun events. The first night all of the people in my dorm walked over to the ice rink together, where the synchronized ice skating and hockey team greeted us. After the presentation, we went outside into the quad. There were food vendors, tables of free items, and hundreds of freshman students walking around, just like me. It was this first time it hit me that I was going to spend the next four years of my life in the Miami community.   

What surprised you about college life?  

I think the thing that surprised me the most about college was how different it is from high school. In high school, everyone always told me that college would be a breeze. I wouldn’t say college is easy, but it is different. It’s nice having fewer classes and more breaks throughout the day, as opposed to being in the same building every day for 8 hours a day. The change of scenery from day to day is something I really enjoy. With so many things going on around campus each day, I never really know what to expect when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I’ll be walking to class and pass by a university-sponsored food truck, or I might happen upon a group of therapy dogs on campus. I have even seen student-led protests, made up of young people like you and me, standing up for what they believe in. So I guess the thing that surprised me most about college is how unexpected and different each day is, even after having attended the same university for the last three years!   

What advice would you give to people going into their first year of college?  

My biggest piece of advice for incoming college freshmen would be to have patience and follow your heart. College is a fun time, but it can also be intimidating. Don’t worry if, in your first semester or even your first year, you feel like you haven’t found “the college experience.” How one experiences college is different from person to person. Don’t feel like you have to be a certain way or do a certain thing to be doing college right. College is what you make of it! That being said, college is a time to follow your heart and learn more about who you are! Explore your interests, take some classes outside of your major, hang out with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with. You only have 4 years, so make the most of every moment! 


Importance of Fundraising by Emily Mohs

Why is the Seton High School community thriving today? Seton has always been known for its spectacular fundraising events held every year, such as Celebrate Seton and Setonsation. Students are asked to participate in these events in various ways, whether it being working the event or sending in donations. Without these events, Seton would not be the school it is today. The funds are used for recruiting, lowering tuition costs, and granting scholarships. Essentially almost all of the money is incorporated back into the student’s lives. It is crucial for those attending the Seton High School to participate in these events every year.

One of the major, most talked about events here at Seton is Celebrate Seton. Celebrate Seton is a mini festival for all ages that are involved in the Seton community. The day is filled with games, raffles, performances, and prizes. All of the money collected during this event is given right back to Seton. Noelle Schwartz, an event planner at Seton, states, “Most of the fundraising raises money for tuition assistance, scholarships and school programs.” Several students were asked to participate in this day in many different ways. All student government girls were required to work the games and be an active part of the day. Other students were asked to bring in sweets and desserts for the greatly talked about cake booth. Many others were just asked to be a part of the day by coming to the event. All age levels of the Seton’s Dance Team performed, as well as the girls involved with the Seton Chorus. Overall, this event was a great success for the school.

The next major event that has an impactful contribution to the Seton community is Setonsation. The staff and students have been preparing for this event for several months. Every student has been asked to sell at least two chances for a chance of being put into a raffle to win a brand new car. Schwarz implies, “Students should care about their school.  Every penny raised at Setonsation goes back to them and the school.  I would hope the students would care more than anybody to help make this event successful, because ultimately it affects them the most.” Students also have the chance to win a five-hundred-dollar shopping spree to Kenwood Towne Center. All of the preparation leads up to the night of Setonsation, which includes a mass, fun games, raffles, and silent auctions. Many alums participate by donating items to be auctioned off to those who attend. Noelle Schwarz describes, “We as a Seton community hope to raise over $300,000.  In the weeks leading up to the event we have thousands of items donated, sponsorships, and ads purchased.” There is tremendous anticipation and excitement that leads up to this event. Every year, the school enjoys hosting this special day and seeing how much everyone’s hard work has paid off after weeks of high hopes.

Students are a crucial part of what makes Seton such an excellent school to attend. Everyone needs to be willing to participate in the major fundraising events such as Celebrate Seton and Setonsation because most if not all of the money received is incorporated back into their own lives. These events are a major part of what determines the school’s future, and how many new students attend the school. Students can help the Seton community grow and thrive through these processes.




“Seton High school’s Dance program takes on UDA Nationals” by Audrey McQuillian

This year Seton high school’s dance team was named the 2018 national champions at the Universal Dance Association (Nationals) in their small varsity pom routine, and placed 3rd in small varsity hip-hop. Seton’s dance team has continued to improve and improve throughout its years. Many people throughout the years have participated in some way. This year mayor John Cranley named February 25th in Cincinnati “Seton Dance Day;” the city of Cincinnati and Seton High school can honor and recognize all those who have participated in Seton dance for years to come.  While winning nationals is a large achievement for Seton’s dance program, the connection between the dancers is what defines the Seton’s dance program.

Many Seton graduates have in some way changed as a person from Seton’s dance program. Senior Carly Berning discusses how Seton dance has impacted her life, “I grew up dancing with Seton, and every season comes with about a million new life lessons. When I was in grade school and on the junior team, I adapted to phrase positive mental attitude. This phrase really stuck with me. I had talked to one of my coaches about what my goals for the season would be. I suggested that I wanted to learn how to take constructive criticism rather than taking all of their corrections to heart. This could improve my personal dancer. Then that turned into me using the phrase positive mental attitude every single practice of the rest of my dance career with Seton. I always work hard to get my team to stay really happy and upbeat.

Seton dance has influenced the lives of so many people, but it also takes full commitment, time, and effort. Every year Seton’s dance program takes time to honor each senior for their commitment to Seton dance. Caroline Jackson discusses her senior year, “I started dancing in 6th grade. My senior year was by far my favorite year, but not just because we won nationals. This year was different for me because I felt more in control with my own anxieties than I ever had been throughout my dance career. I was able to enjoy all the moments this year without my anxiety interfering with this season. I did have some moments when my anxiety got the best of me, but without the three years’ prior, the amazing coaches, and the amazing team I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this year as much as I have.” Seton’s dance program makes sure to make their seniors feel special. Caroline Jackson continues to explain the feelings she felt when she was announced a national champion, “I was so excited; I knew this team deserved this win so much. This team never gave up and always pushed through the most difficult obstacles. Everyone on this team went through the season with clear eyes and full hearts.”

These girls spend many hours perfecting their routines for nationals. All these girls put their heart and soul into this program. Winning nationals was a well-deserved title for these girls who put in so much dedication into their passion.