First Impressions for Seton Students

The school year is full of first impressions. Senior’s and freshmen have their own opinions and impressions as they begin the first and last year of high school. Seton student’s perspectives may change over time because the many enjoyable activities and events they partake in, causing their first impressions to be different.

Senior year brings a lot of emotions and uncertainties about what the future will hold. An event held at Seton is Big Sister Little Sister Day; this is a day for seniors to make the freshmen feel welcomed in the Seton community, and become big sisters to the freshmen. According to senior, Bridgette Grote, “I was excited to spend time and meet my little sister. I wanted to learn more about her and make her feel welcomed. It was very cool being able to carry on this tradition.” The seniors first day of school was very upsetting this year, knowing that this is their last year at Seton; however, it was also very thrilling to become seniors, and be the oldest of the school. Another event at Seton is the Garage Get Down, this is the most popular dance at Seton for many students. The dance was very bittersweet for most seniors because, it was their last time ever attending. The House System at Seton is a way to unite all grade levels, and create a stronger bond between all students. Senior, Natalie Tiernan claims, “I wasn’t familiar with the house system at first, along with most students. I didn’t have much of an opinion at first, but through the past two years I have come to enjoy the completion and new activities brought with it.” There are so many more activities at Seton that will be lasts for seniors this year, and so many more first impressions.  

Freshman year is a year of transition, exciting yet emotional. The first event freshmen attended this school year was Big Sister/Little Sister Day. Freshman, Marie Schenkel claims, “I felt very nervous not knowing who my big sister was, and I was unsure what the day was going to be like. During the day, I went over my class schedule and had lunch with my big sister. There was a rock paper scissors tournament, which was fun and many other activities with my big sister.” The first day of school for freshmen can be very scary, according to freshman Julie Schenkel, “I felt very welcomed to the Seton community. I was very nervous at first, but once the day started it got better. The school is very big and I got lost a couple times, but now I know my way around.” The freshmen attended their first dance at Seton, the Garage Get Down. This dance was extremely fun this year and many people enjoyed the music and themes. The House System at Seton, may be hard for the freshmen to understand as they enter Seton not knowing what it is. Freshman, Ellie Preistle proclaims, “I understand the house system and like it for friendly competition and other reasons but wish there were more activities based on my grade individually, so then it would be easier to meet people in my grade that I don’t know already.” There are so many more activities and events at Seton that will be firsts for freshmen this year.

Freshmen and senior students go through many first impressions in their first and last year at Seton. First impressions give students memories they will never forget, making them important. They can participate in several school events and activities throughout the school year that strengthens the bond between the students. Seton has been open for 90 years now, building the connection between all students.