2015 Seton Tennis Roster

President:  Kathy Allen Ciarla ‘87

Principal:  Karen Klug White ‘92

Varsity Coach: John Specht

Junior Varsity A Coach:  Patty Cook

Athletic Director:  Mary Ritter                                          

Junior Varsity B Coach:  Amy Brauch

Athletic Trainer:  Cindy Busse, Tri-Health

Junior Varsity B Coach:  Nicole Kettler

League:  Girls’ Greater Catholic League

Mascot:  Saints

Colors:  Green & White


Player                                              Class

Audrey Acomb                                    Senior

Jessica Beeler                                      Senior

Kathryn Eary                                        Junior

Allie May                                             Senior

Anne-Marie McIntyre                      Senior

Sarah Rolfes                                         Senior

Hannah Schwaeble                             Junior

Lindsey Taylor                                      Senior

Kelsey Willmes                                      Junior

Junior Varsity A

Kelly Aug                                             Sophomore

Emma Bruggeman                            Junior

Kelsey Cappel                                     Junior

Paige Dean                                         Sophomore

Alex Fieler                                           Sophomore

Sara Neumeister                                Junior

Maria Tan                                            Junior

Mackenzie Vatter                              Sophomore

Junior Varsity B

Sydney Breeden                                  Freshman

Catherine Dattilo                                 Freshman

Annabelle Gonnella                            Freshman

Maggie Korte                                      Sophomore

Tricia McHale                                       Sophomore

Liz Rolfes                                              Freshman

Allison Sullivan                                   Sophomore

Brooke Walters                                     Junior

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